What is Holistic Health and Nutrition?


my-homegrown-health-healthy-organic-foodHolistic health and nutrition is about bringing balance into your life by enjoying nourishing food, getting adequate activity and rest, minimizing stress and reducing toxic exposure.


It’s about quality—of our food, our lifestyle, our environment. It’s about being aware of the impact that our food and lifestyle choices have on our health and our environment.

So what does “quality” actually mean?

In holistic nutrition and health, quality is key.


The Standard American Diet (SAD!) consists of processed, highly refined, empty-calorie food—the opposite of quality. Breakfast: Sugary cereals and pastries. Lunch: White bread with packaged deli meats and chips. Dinner: A fast-food burger and a soda.


Food full of sugar, artificial sweeteners, hydrogenated oils, additives, preservatives and empty calories wreaks havoc on our health. Food with ingredients that are made in a lab is not quality.


Holistic nutrition gets back to the basics—the way food used to be. Food that’s whole, fresh, local, organic and packed with nutrients, that’s grown in living, nutrient-dense soil. Food that’s from humanely treated animals that graze on sustainable pastures. Food from pristine waters. REAL food— the way nature intended it to be!



But quality affects more than just our food sources. We nourish our bodies in other ways, too. The quality of our lifestyle can also impact our health.


Living and working in a healthy environment, taking the time to enjoy our relationships with family and friends, incorporating movement into our everyday life, and getting adequate sleep and relaxation can minimize stress and promote wellbeing.


Even being aware of the everyday products we use in our homes and gardens—like cleaning and body products—helps us reduce our toxic exposure. And that’s good for us and our planet.


Quality matters… because nourishing food and healthy living are essential for optimal health!


How can you incorporate all of these things into your busy day-to-day life?


Starting simple is key. Transitioning to healthy eating and living doesn’t happen overnight. We start slowly by making a few changes, and soon you’ll notice a difference in how good you feel.

I so appreciate Kathy’s expertise and knowledge in helping me resolve my digestive issues that I’d had for many years. Thank you!

I’m so grateful for Kathy’s help in teaching me and my family about good wholesome food. Our family dinners are nutritious and delicious!

I travel a lot for work and Kathy showed me how to choose healthy food and restaurant options when I'm not able to eat at home.  She has made it very simple.

Kathy taught me about healthy food choices that really helped me with my autoimmune issues and I feel great!